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Our growing international legal practice in England & Wales is dedicated to providing practical legal solutions and expert advice to foreign businesses and individuals who have economic interests in this region.

Additionally, our international practice extends its support to English-based businesses and entrepreneurs looking to conduct business activities in Spain or to acquire or invest in Spanish businesses.

Strategic collaboration

Our international practice is strengthened by our longstanding collaborator a top 60 UK law firm Harrison Clark Rickerbys (HCR), an award-winning and entrepreneurial English law firm boasting a robust presence throughout England & Wales. Our excellent relationship with HCR has culminated in a robust strategic collaboration unveiled in September 2023. This alliance is a testament to our shared commitment to providing an exceptional and complete service to our clients in England & Wales:
Global Insight, Local Wisdom

Legal matters often intersect with local nuances. Our collaboration leverages the multicultural perspectives of our teams to provide you with culturally sensitive counsel, helping you overcome potential challenges efficiently.

Dual Jurisdiction Proficiency

Merges the profound understanding of the Spanish legal landscape with the insights into British law. This synergy allows us to navigate the complexities of both jurisdictions seamlessly, ensuring you receive advice tailored to your unique circumstances.

Global Reach

Whether your legal needs span Europe or beyond, our collaboration empowers us to serve you globally. With Tribeca Abogados located in Spain and HCR in the UK, we are your gateway to legal solutions that transcend geographical boundaries.

Customized Focus

While we possess a global presence, our commitment to personalized focus remains paramount. We provide customized service that considers your unique situation and objectives.

English law services

Our primary English law services encompass:

We are accustomed to navigating the intricate labyrinth of regulations, facilitating seamless business setups and expansions. Our aim is to lay a foundation for overseas businesses and entrepreneurs to establish a robust foothold in England.

We meticulously craft and negotiate intricate commercial contracts, safeguarding the interests of our clients across various industries.

We orchestrate private equity and venture capital transactions, enabling businesses to flourish through mergers and acquisitions.

We understand the pivotal role venture capital plays in shaping the future of businesses, and we are dedicated to facilitating seamless investment journeys for both investors and entrepreneurs.

We structure a wide range of joint ventures and collaboration projects and draft agreements meticulously tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

For a more comprehensive overview of our English law offerings, we invite you to download of English law services brochure.

Key Contact

At the forefront of our international practice stands Héctor Brito, a distinguished lawyer specializing in corporate and commercial law and qualified both in Spain (‘abogado’) and in England & Wales (‘solicitor’). Hector brings forth a wealth of experience in advising on cross-border processes of business acquisition and venture capital investments and helping business to expand their operations from Spain to England and vice versa.

Get in Touch

Should you require further information or wish to explore how our services can cater to your unique needs, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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